The Michigan Loon Preservation Association is a non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve the Common Loon as a breeding bird in Michigan through public education, research, and the protection and management of loons and their habitat.

Loon News and Notes


Special Notice on Stranded Loons

There have been many loons that have ended up stranded during the
recent storms and afterward. If you find a loon that is stranded and appears
uninjured, the best option is to capture it and just as soon as humanly possible
take it to big open water and release it. A lake or even a river will do. The DNR
or local law enforcement will advise the same.
If the bird is injured, call the DNR, a veterinary doctor, or a MI licensed
rehabilitator: listed online at <>. Otherwise,
capture and transport to big open water as soon as possible without intermediary
detour or handling, is the action that has the best chance of saving the loon.
We sincerely thank everyone whose concern and efforts have helped these
loons that have found themselves in unfortunate situations and dire straits in
these past days.MLPA and Michigan Loonwatch

Loon Echoes Newsletter

The Mid-Winter issue of our quarterly newsletter, Loon Echoes, is presently
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to fund our important work of protecting and preserving Michigan’s beautiful
Common Loons. We thank you!



We are sad to report that our dear friend, Doris Lidell,  passed away early Sunday morning, October 29.  She was a great friend to MLPA and to the loons.  Doris acted as our mercantile representative for many years and loved attending festivals, all the way back to the Bluebird Festival.

Cranefest was one of her favorites, I am attaching a picture of her at the 2016 festival finding a novel use for one of Aunt Linda's hand made items.

Doris was always willing to help and made the events lots of fun.  We will miss her pretty smile and sparkling blue eyes.  Please take a moment to remember her fondly and think back on the good times we shared.


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The Michigan Loon Preservation Association's activities include:

*Michigan Loonwatch, a statewide Loon Registry and protection program
*An informative newsletter; Loon Echoes
*Public events which focus on the biology and protection of Loons
*Support from sales of Loon merchandise at The Loon Mercantile Company
*Working with other Loon preservation groups to support the Loon

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